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The story so far:

In 1981, after working in and managing other bookstores for several years, I returned to Schenectady from California to open my own bookshop. I named it Bibliomania - a madness for books - and began stocking the shelves with the best books I could find, used and new. It took a year or so to fill the store, but we gained a reputation for selling good books - customers said that even if they did not want a particular book, it was one that someone would buy, rather than just filling space.

For almost three decades, we sold fine books to collectors, institutions, and readers, adding maps, prints, photographs, autographs, and ephemera as time went on. We issued mail order catalogs right from the start, exhibited at a few northeastern book fairs every year, and set up a web site. We always seemed to have more customers all over the country than among our local population.

As we entered the 21st century, we discovered that more and more of our business came from our web site. In 2008, we reluctantly made the decision to close the shop and concentrate on that aspect of the business. It was a hard but necessary choice, for we always enjoyed our customers as much as the books. Our motto from opening day was A where browsers are always welcome,@ and our store was usually busy. Many came by only a time or two each year while in town for the holidays. Once two neighbors from Buffalo, across the state, were surprised to meet in the shop. We followed a trend that has happened to many bookshops in recent years, but we were determined to recreate the shop experience online.

It is not the same. We cannot replicate the fine conversations that took place, but the books, maps, autographs, and ephemera are here. Send us an e-mail, and we can answer any questions or send a scan or photo of the item. Not the same, but as close as we can get to bring the store experience to the Internet. An article about our shop in the Capital District Business Review once called us A the Internet done right@ - we have our doubts when we struggle with computer glitches and other problems that arise, but we try to make your visit to our site as close as one can to being in a real book store.

All items on our site are available for purchase. While we are between shopping cart systems please check our "Ordering" page above for current ordering instructions. You can always contact us to order items, ask additional questions, request photographs or scans of items, or to reserve and pay by check or money order, Paypal, or another method.

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New Order Information!

For the past few years we have used a shopping cart hosted by Google, but have discontinued its use as of 11/20/13.  To be honest, it was not too popular with most of our customers, who usually preferred to mail a payment. While we put another and better system in place, please use the "To Place an Order" feature to order, and we will be back to you with availability, order total, and payment information. We accept payments by check, money order, and Paypal. Thank you.


Please Check our Online Inventory:

BOOKS     Books in more than twenty categories

AUTOGRAPHS    Signatures, letters, and documents, American & international


MAPS    American and foreign historical maps


ART       Original paintings, prints, drawings, and posters


PHOTOGRAPHS       Historical images of the Adirondacks and elsewhere


EPHEMERA        Historical and cultural paper items, advertising, sheet music, broadsides, and unusual paper items

MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS     Guitars, mandolins, violins, and other stringed instruments for sale

CURRENT CATALOG  View our current mail-order catalog online

NEW ARRIVALS AND MONTHLY SPECIALS  Significant new items in our stock and special markdowns

What's New?

Every few years we revise our web site to make it what we think will be easier to use. We are currently in the midst of that process, and hope you will bear with us while we make changes. Please contact us if you would like additional information, photographs, or scans of items on the web site. We are often difficult to reach by phone, but e-mail works well.

Serving the book community
In September, 2011,  we celebrated our 30th year in business - we never doubted it would happen when we opened, but our business has developed over the years in ways we never imagined.  One of my first equipment purchases was a good typewriter to produce catalogs. I never dreamed of using a computer, and could not even conceive of the internet or a web site. We still think of ourselves as a real book shop, though, even though we are no longer open to customers at the moment.  You can view some of our best offerings on this site. These are only some of our better items; in the evening, when I update the site, I am surprised at the number of good books we have sold that do not appear on these pages. I'm working as fast as I can.

What we sell
Bibliomania offers a wide selection of good used books in most fields, as well as first and rare editions of literature and Americana.  Bibliomania is particularly well known for its books and materials on the Adirondack Mountains and New York State history. We usually have strong holdings in literature, photography, music, biographies, and books about books. In the past few years this store has also acquired some interesting autographs, trade cards, photographs, pamphlets, prints, bookplates, illustrations, and other antiques & ephemera. Our stock changes daily, and while more of our offerings will appear online, it will be a while before most of our items appear on this site.  We have become a bit more specialized since closing the shop, but we are still interested in all types of good books. Only a small portion of our stock is available here, but we try to add new items every day.


Bill Healy, Bibliomania's owner Bill Healy, the owner, is the author of  two books, The Adirondacks: A Special World (Utica: North Country Books, 1986, 1993) and The High Peaks of Essex: The Adirondack Mountains of Orson Schofield Phelps (Fleischmanns: Purple Mountain Press, 1992, 1998).

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